Hello, my name is Nicholas Agrinzone. I am currently an 20 year old student from Wolcott, Connecticut and I am a photographer and videographer. I have always had a passion being behind the camera since I was a child, however once I took my first class when I entered high school I was finally able to put my talent into good use. Throughout my high school career, I have had my photography in the Republican-American Newspaper, have had my videography produced on television, and have gained experience through studios such as Sacred Heart University. I finally decided to start up my business because I had always wanted to find a way to make my dream a reality, and I believed that I have gained enough knowledge over the past few years to put myself out there and start sharing my talent with others. My goal is to make everybody feel that they have a purpose with each session and to produce content that will benefit them in the long run. I hope to work with many of you soon!

Phone Number: (203)910-2208

Email: agrinzonevisuals@gmail.com