Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight is short segment on my website that I have decided to dedicate specifically to artists within the local area in order to give back to the community and help other creators grow. For now, I will upload a new episode of Artist Spotlight every couple of months and will be selecting artists that I see overtime have really been putting in tears and sweat into their passion and who has great work to show for. I plan to cover all types of artists; rappers, painters, poets, etc. in order to show the variety of talent that exists in CT. 


Mablo Micasso

Mablo Micasso is a a painter from New Haven, CT. Her passion first started as a child who was always creating, eventually adapting into the arts as she grew older. Her inspiration ranges from people she sees in her real life to images that she imagines in her head and brings to life all on her own. Her biggest advice to any young creative is to be who you are and create unapologetically.

Rob Trilliams

Rob Trilliams is a 25 year old rapper, coach, and mentor in Waterbury,CT. He also works as a barber which actually led him to his introduction to the music world as the producer he would cut hair for started to let him have studio time. Trilliams then decided to take the time to learn everything by himself by countless hours of hard work and has led him to be the artist he is today.